Abrasives & Polishers

Abrasives & Polishers

By only using premium materials, demanding consistent manufacturing operations and adhering to the most rigorous quality control testing in the industry, we’re proud to supply high quality abrasives. ALASDAF will keep your project supplied with everything it needs in industrial, building and construction materials which includes but is not limited.



  • Abrasive Brushes

Abrasive Bristle Disc and Brushes,Sander Grinder Wire Brushes,Spiral Tube Brushes,Wire Cup Brushes,Wire End Brushes,Wire Wheel Brushes

  • Deburring Abrasives & Tools

Carbide Bur Sets,Carbide Burs,Convolute Wheels,Deburring Tools,Mounted Points,Unitized Wheels

  • Grinding Abrasives

Cup Grinding Wheels,Cut-Off Wheels,Depressed Center Wheels,Diamond Grinding Wheels, Dressing Stick, Grinding Cones & Plug,Recessed Grinding Wheel,Straight Grinding Wheels

  • Sanding Abrasives

Abrasive Pads & Sponges,Abrasive Rolls,Fiber Discs,Flap Discs,Flap Wheels,Hook & Loop Sanding Discs,Quick Change Discs,Sanding Bands,Sanding Belts,Sandpaper, Sanding Blocks & Pads,Steel Wool

  • Sharpening Abrasives

Rub Bricks,Sharpening Files,Sharpening Stones

  • Abrasive Blasting

Pneumatic Blast Guns,Sand Blasters

  • Buffing & Polishing

Honing Brushes,Polishing Pads

  • Abrasive Accessories

Product Sub-Categories

Drill Bits
Spotting Drilling
End Mills
Indexable Tools
Hole saw & Cutters
Drill Mills

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